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Sea Hull Boats

At SeaHull Boats we design and manufacture Commercial boats, barges and small landing craft built in Plastic, Aluminium or Steel.

We also make Landing vessels, Digger barges, Aluminium Landing barges, custom-designed aluminium landing craft and aluminium trailers.

At SeaHull we specialise in ship tenders and Large tenders self-propelled barges that can be a Ship’s tender for carrying shipping containers or machinery to shore right down to your most budget and practical small tender for shore access anywhere.

Sea Hull Boat

Specs of boat seen here

4.2m x 1.8m x .8m,  Internal side height 550mm, Floor Size 3.1m x 1.5m. Alloy (tread).

We can design and manufacture Catamaran boats, multihull boats, twin hull boats, Trihull boats and catamaran speed boats. Commercial boating, Work Boats, Tender, Search and Rescue boat, Small Landing Craft, Small Barge, Rescue Crafts, Recreational Boating for fishing and diving, Boat Tender, Yacht Tender, Ship Tender, Farm Flood Rescue Craft, Farm Remote area access and all other types of safe boating,

The performance of these type of catamaran boats is great and very safe. These boats are double skinned Polyethylene plastic, some are foam filled and are very durable.

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