The Speed Welder is designed in NewZealand to be the ultimate plastic welder.

The Speed Welder is designed to be the ultimate plastic welder.  The nozzle fits 34 mm inside measurement. Speed Welder works with brands such as Bosch, Makita, De Walt, Hitachi and more. This project is about creating the best commercial plastic welder on the market.

The Speed Welder will work on Polyethylene, ABS, Polypropylene, Polycarbonate, PVC, Acrylic, Nylon, and Vinyl.  The nozzle preheats the work and melts the rod as it is pulled along. The plastic can be sanded and flamed smooth after repair to make the join invisible. Speed Welder will accept welding rods up to 8mm.

 Are you a Tradesman or DIY person? If you are you will find Speed Welder a very useful tool. Speed Welder is an innovative welding nozzle that fits most standard heat guns or hot air guns.

Speed Welder will weld all sorts of plastic products: Chilly bins, car bumpers, plastic toys- even water tanks, pvc pipes, air conditioning ducts, and plastic boats. Canoes surfboards, vinyl flooring – these are just a few of the items it can be used for.

SPEED WELDER – the new innovative plastic welder. Speed Welder is the latest aid for your tool box. It’s a professionally designed plastic welder for both the DIY or trade person.

Plastic Speedwelder nozzle
I have now finished SpeedWelder Mark 3 and am finalising the production tooling.
The Newer version is cast in stainless steel. Casting makes for a more solid design and the thicker cast metal will hold heat better.
The new version has a small blade that can cut plastic and will make or follow a groove to prepare for welding. It also is useful for tacking.

Rendering of the nozzle

Speed Welder
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